Andrade Mendonça and Ivete Sangalo at the Centro de Eventos do Ceará grand opening concert

Andrade Mendonça has attended the unofficial grand opening of the largest convention center in Brazil. With over 176,000 square meters of built area, fully air-conditioned and with a 25,000-person capacity, this development was built by the Bahian construction company in consortium with Galvão Engenharia. The Centro de Eventos do Ceará (Ceará Convention Center), in Fortaleza, started its activities last Saturday, with an exciting concert by Ivete Sangalo – considered by many in the crowd to have outshone American star Jennifer Lopez, the other attraction of the night.

While Ivete’s charisma and tal3_297x223ent prevailed on stage, delighting an audience of nearly 20,000 people, much praise was given to the work of Andrade Mendonça construction company, which forms the consortium responsible for the development, along with Galvão Engenharia. Governor Cid Gomes was all smiles thanks to the new development, in which the government invested around R$ 375 million.

“The work by Andrade Mendonça and Galvão Engenharia was very well executed, and we were highly satisfied. The new Centro de Eventos do Ceará provides Fortaleza with a development that strengthens our events and business tourism,” said Cid Gomes, adding that the official opening would be held on August 15, with the participation of national authorities. With the completion of the convention center, Andrade Mendonça has entered the public works sector with an excellent first project.

Celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, the company had always operated focusing on residential, commercial and industrial developments in the private sector. In another partnership with Galvão Engenharia, in Fortaleza as well, Andrade Mendonça is also building Arena Castelão (Governador Plácido Castelo Stadium) – and the work is over 70% complete. It is currently the 2014 World Cup stadium at the most advanced stage of construction in the country.