Andrade Mendonça

Andrade Mendonça: no fear of challenges

Ethics and integrity in conducting business, determination regarding the service quality and timely delivery of products –these are the components of the mortar binding each brick of the millions of square feet built by Andrade Mendonça since 1977.

That year, Antonio Andradeentrepreneur Antônio Andrade gave up his partnership in a supermarket chain to face a new challenge: civil construction. Andrade Mendonça started building a group of houses in Feira de Santana (Bahia) and made it to the 21st century with a diverse and broad portfolio, ranging from residential to commercial, industrial and public properties.

Only recently did the public work sector get to know Andrade Mendonça’s quality and technological efficiency, with the construction of Arena Castelão (Governador Plácido Castelo Stadium) and the Centro de Eventos do Ceará (Ceará Convention Center). The investment in Fortaleza, capital of the state of Ceará, happened in partnership with Galvão Engenharia.

,Castelão was one of the 2014 World Cup stadiums and was completed and delivered on December 16, 2012, four months ahead of the contract schedule. The largest convention center in the Americas got completed on August 15, 2012.

Belonging to the select group of construction companies that wrote their names in history by building World Cup stadiums is an achievement that results from Andrade Mendonça’s successful experience with private sector properties – an area in which the company has always been active.

Many national and multinational companies throughout Brazil have entrusted to Andrade Mendonça the construction of their industrial and commercial sites, such as Kimberly-Clark, Knauf, Jac Motors, Harley-Davidson, Boticário, Grupo Eurovia, Magazine Luíza, Grupo Paes Mendonça and Grupo JCPM.

The partnership with Grupo JCPM established Andrade Mendonça as a reference in the shopping mall sector, with the construction of Salvador Shopping and Salvador Norte Shopping. Innovation and sustainability were hallmarks in the construction of Salvador Shopping – a project that received awards from the International Council of Shopping Centers, the 10th International Congress of Shopping Centers and the Conference of the Americas.

The success of Salvador Shopping led Grupo JCPM to invest in the construction of Salvador Norte Shopping, which opened in 2010. In 2011, the expertise Andrade Mendonça had gained in building two large malls encouraged Grupo Euluz to invite the company to work on the expansion of Shopping Barra, also in Salvador (Bahia).

Throughout its history, in parallel to the commercial and industrial projects, Andrade Mendonça has also worked on residential property developments and enhanced urban spaces, creating new concepts of living.

There were many emblematic achievements, such as the residential complex Mansão Carlos Costa Pinto, which rediscovered the area known as Corredor da Vitória, in Salvador, and reintegrated it to the stunning All Saints’ Bay.

Cyrela Brazil Realty chose Andrade Mendonça as its partner when investing in the Northeast of the country, resulting in the creation of Cyrela Andrade Mendonça. In four years, the company received eight Ademi awards and generated a Potential Sales Value of R$ 1.7 billion. In July 2011, Cyrela bought out Andrade Mendonça’s stake in the company.

Currently run by entrepreneur Antônio Andrade Jr., Andrade Mendonça continues to be ready for new challenges.


37 Years of Technology and Quality